Appointments  are available on occasions at the weekends, and evenings in additional to normal working hours.

Your Appointment:
Your first appointment will last approximately an hour.  During this time, I will take a detailed case history of the complaint(s) that are affecting you..

I will look into your general health, and examine the structure and function of your body by observation and by touch, in order to reach a working diagnosis.

I will discuss these findings with you, so that you understand those aspects that contribute to your pain pattern, the nature of treatment that I propose, both in the short and long term, and the likely prognosis,

Osteopathic Treatment

Treatment will normally consist of techniques designed to balance and modify the structure and function of the body.  In general treatment is soothing and gentl3, involving massage, stretching and the movement of joints throughout their range of motion., in a harmonic fashion.  Sometimes restrictions within joint motion require rapid movements to cause an effective change, but in all cases the treatment is designed to be comfortable, and as pain-free as possible.  Exercises will normally be given to help maintain the improvement, achieved during the session.